2016 RAM 3500 Commercial Truck Review Fort Collins Canon City Cheyenne Denver Colorado Springs

Do you want to buy RAM 3500 Commercial Truck? Are you a bit confused about its features and usages? RAM 3500 Commercial Truck is popular in many cities that include Cheyenne, Denver, Canon City, and Fort Collins. Buyers prefer this truck as it comes with many advanced features. If you want to know more about the RAM 3500 Commercial Truck, then go through the following review. In this RAM 3500 Commercial Truck Review, you will come to know about some key features and other benefits. 

Overview of the Ram 3500 Commercial Truck

RAM 3500 is suitable for any type of roads. It has a crew cab with the huge interior volume and Heavy-duty 3500 width with the eight foot bed and it comes in the four-wheel-drive model. Its big size makes it a favorable choice for the transportation of heavy loads. Besides the immense size, RAM 3500 is also appreciated for the high-class and unique cowboy design. 

Features of the Ram 3500 Commercial Truck

Ram 3500 comes with many developed features that offer an easy and hassle-free drive. When it comes to the powertrain of this truck, it is similar to the rest of the Heavy duty line of trucks. It has the 350-horse with 650- pound- foot Cummins. The best thing about this truck is that it can be controlled by the six-speed automatic. Though it comes with a large size, you get a lot of power, features and comfort packed in it. 

The Cummins diesel provides an odorless, low rumble. On the track, the HD3500 will reach sixty mph within 9.3 seconds and it will run the quarter mile within 16.9 seconds at 80.4 mph. It will stop from 60 mph in 157 feet. When it is fully equipped, it will tow more than 19,000lbs, with a fifth wheel. The payload capacity of this truck is 4180 pounds and it has the GVWR of 12, 300 pounds. 


Interior of the Ram 3500 Commercial Truck


The interior of the RAM 3500 is quite impressive. You will certainly appreciate the design and look of the interior. The quality material and the design make the interior more similar to a luxurious car than any truck. The rows of seats are covered with shiny dark brown leather with the beige piping. You will find the center console, doors, and the dash in the same brown color theme. You will also appreciate the gauges that have also received the Longhorn treatment.  

Seats and Floor mats of the Ram 3500 Commercial Truck

In the seats, you will find Laramie patches with the cowboy boot-like stitching. These designs not only offer an impressive look, but also they are durable, comfortable, and supportive to long drives. In the storage space on the front seatbacks, you can easily keep two saddle bags. Besides the seat, the floor mats also match well with the interior of the truck. They come with a brown color and the rubber surrounding and with the decoration of the metal Laramie Longhorn badges. You can also find the barbed wire design in the floor mats.  

Exterior of the Ram 3500 Commercial Truck


The exterior of the truck has a tough, yet elegant design to it. You will get plenty of Laramie Longhorn in the exterior of the RAM 3500. You will notice etched badges with the Longhorn on the front doors. You will find a plenty of bright works on the exterior of this truck. Besides the chrome badges, side mirror surrounds and the door handles are also chrome. The wheels look great with the aluminum polish and Laramie logo.  

Both the exterior and interior of the RAM 3500 are considered best in comparison to other models of this truck size available in the current market. If you consider factors like the interior design, comfort level, and impressive look, then you will certainly prefer the RAM 3500 truck over the others.  

If you want to buy one of the best models with the durable results then you can consider buying the RAM 3500 truck. Besides the durability and impressive design, you can also consider the size and usability. Even though it comes in a large size, you can use it comfortably for the transportation of people and lots of goods. The price is also affordable, which offers you a lot of luxury and potential for your money.