2017 Ram 2500 Review Denver Fort Collins Colorado Springs

The all-new 2017 Ram 2500 is a top pick for a full size, heavy duty truck, and all credit goes to its upgraded interior, redefined engine and unparalleled hauling and towing abilities. The power workhorse comes with an elegant design and comfortable interior making it the first choice of buyers. The 2500 all-wheel drive comes with wide variety of off road features making it an ideal vehicle for rough terrains and adventures. Let us take a closer look at all the specifications and features offered by this muscular truck.

The unexpectedly luxurious Interior of the 2017 Ram 2500

You can expect a premium high end interior with the new 2017 Ram 2500. The front cabin is spacious with easy access to front seats and  chrome accents for the doors. The dashboard is carved out of a single piece of high quality plastic with wood work on the corners. The eight inch infotainment screen is paired with one touch power buttons, making it easy for the driver to focus on the road. The seats come with leather covers and are very comfortable, with plenty of leg and head room. Another advanced feature offered by Ram, is automatic temperature detection and a self-heating steering wheel and seats, which makes your journey comfortable. The sheer anti fog mirrors provide better visibility on both sides and an elevated view for the front.

The Unmistakable Exterior design on the 2017 Ram 2500

The dominating and impressive exterior of the 2017 Ram 2500 will surely leave you spellbound and make all those heads turn while driving through the streets of Denver and Colorado Springs. The shiny chrome grill is paired with big, wide bumpers for maximum ground clearance, making it ideal for some off road action. The 20 inch wheels provide better grip and control and comes in handy in rough weather conditions and hard terrains. The headlamps are classic halogen with dual reflectors and anti-fog technology for better visibility. The rear end comes with a spacious cargo bed, providing plenty of space for luggage while hooking up a trailer is easy, for those long weekend camping excursions. The tail lights are curvy and sharp, complementing the overall dynamic look of the truck. All in all, the exterior is quite impressive, and kept simple to conserve the traditional look of a powerful, muscular truck from days past.

Performance Proliferates throughout in the 2017 Ram 2500

If you are looking for something powerful, bold and easy to drive, then the new 2017 Ram 2500 is the perfect match for you. The upgraded 6.4  liter V8 engine generates 420hp and 480lb feet of torque, making it the most powerful truck in its segment. The new coil suspension technology makes the trailer more stable and reduces the bumps making the ride comfortable and smooth. The powerful engine is paired up with an automatic eight speed transmission, and dual automatic clutch making the transition between gears seamless, and provides better acceleration at high speeds. The truck can go from zero to sixty in less than 9 seconds and generates an average fuel efficiency of 22 mpg on the highways of Denver and Fort Collins. The new direct injection technology creates an instant power boost and the new V8 engine makes the cabin much quieter than the previous models.

Safety Features are everywhere in the 2017 Ram 2500

The company has taken special care to ensure that the new 2017 Ram 2500 is at par with all the high end trucks available in the market. The Ram 2500 comes with a ton of advanced safety features making it one of the most reliable and safest vehicles in its segment. It scored high on tests conducted by National Highway Safety Commission and created new benchmarks in terms of braking systems. The modern safety features include dual cameras, cruise control system, lane monitoring alerts, blind curve monitoring and traction control system. The new dual reflecting headlamps are paired with self-heating mirrors for better visibility in all weather conditions. The interior features a six way airbag system to ensure safety of all passengers. All in all, the new 2017 Ram 2500 is a strong, dependable truck with an exceptional driving experience. If you are looking for something muscular, strong and powerful with amazing towing and hauling abilities, then the 2017 Ram 2500 should be at top of your priority list.

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