How to Buy a Used Car in Colorado and Cheyenne

Learning how to buy a used car in Colorado and Cheyenne is easy. There is an assortment of used cars to explore in the market in Colorado and Cheyenne. has many pre-owned vehicles to explore, including sedans, pick-up trucks, minivans, and many others. These vehicles feature some of the best values you can explore when looking for a used car. You have many choices to explore, but first you should understand what fits your needs. This brief guide will help you find the most useful pre-owned vehicle that best fits your demands.

What Goals Do You Have for Your Vehicle?

The assortment of used vehicles you will find at will give you many options worth exploring. But you must also review what you need out of your vehicle and whether some of the things out on the market are worthwhile. Not every vehicle is going to be suitable for someone's need.

You have unique needs for whatever you wish to get from your vehicle, and you will find the perfect vehicle at Some of these rules include:

  • Finding a car made within the last few years
  • Having a vehicle with fewer miles; you can set a point for how much you need
  • The type of car that interests you
  • The make or model you want
  • Any unique features you wish to find

You can set as many parameters for what you want in your used car as you wish. Whatever car you want to purchase should be one that you're comfortable with the most. It needs to be one that fits your demands and doesn't have anything you might not require.

With a countless array of used vehicles to choose from Dealin Doug, you will have many choices. Keeping your parameters as specific as possible while thinking more about whatever interests you the most is a necessity for when you're trying to get a quality vehicle ready. Having specific thoughts over what works for your vehicle provides an opportunity to find the specific car that interests you the most.

Review Whether You Can Afford Your Vehicle

Look first at how much you would spend on your used car. Used cars cost less because the depreciation of a vehicle's value is higher when it is new. While you can spend less, you should still note your budget when purchasing a used car.

Review everything surrounding your used car and how you're going to maintain it before you make the call. Some of the things to note over how your car operates include:

  • Getting new tires
  • Buying and installing new parts
  • Checking whether the body needs repair, including whether any parts need replacing
  • Ensuring the engine is functional and can keep running for years to come

The best rule of thumb is to review how much you'd spend on a monthly loan versus what you earn each month. Avoid buying anything where a loan would cost more than 20 percent of your monthly pay.

Look at the prospective maintenance expenses associated with your vehicle. Are they going to add up and make the vehicle more expensive? Be prepared for whatever you'll find.

The rate of depreciation on your vehicle will be significantly less than it would normally be if you purchased a new vehicle. But there is still some form of depreciation on any vehicle you order, so watch what you might expect from your car when making your purchase decision. provides some of the best values for people in Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Cheyenne, and elsewhere. You'll appreciate how the website provides a full listing of all the options you could utilize for your driving needs.

What Is the Warranty?

You can get a warranty on a used car to cover anything that might occur during regular use. A warranty may include many points:

  • An extensive length, it can be for two or three years or about 20,000 to 30,000 miles after purchase, whichever comes first
  • Coverage for any defects or other concerns that develop during your regular use
  • What defects the warranty covers

Examine what you will receive from a warranty, but don't assume the warranty is the only protection you may require. Add some extra funds for your vehicle in case you experience future expenses.

Review the Vehicle History Report

The vehicle history report for your car entails data on how well your car runs and what you can expect from your car. uses the Carfax system to review used cars.

The Carfax system provides a comprehensive analysis of your car's history. You can use Carfax's data to see anything surrounding your vehicle, including:

  • Any accidents the car was involved in, and the repairs the car received following these events
  • Service history reports
  • The approximate number of miles driven each year
  • How many owners have used this vehicle in the past
  • Anything where the car was rebuilt
  • Hail damage
  • Structural damage
  • Whether the vehicle was used for commercial purposes
  • If a car has been branded as a lemon or one with various manufacturing defects
  • The details you find on a Carfax report can be essential when you're looking at what to expect out of a vehicle. Check the data on your Carfax report to verify the vehicle will fit your short- and long-term needs.

Can You Conduct an Additional Inspection?

You can also ask for an additional inspection of your vehicle through a local mechanic's service. It can cost a few hundred dollars for an average mechanic to conduct a thorough inspection of a used car before making your purchase. The additional review will confirm the Carfax report, but it can also find some inside issues that might not be visible on the Carfax document. Hiring a mechanic to help you here is best when you're uncertain of how well your vehicle operates.

Complete a Test Drive

While you can find many great details on, you need to get firsthand experience with your vehicle before you take the plunge. The best thing you can do here is to complete a test drive. You can find details on where within the Dealin' Doug system you can find a used car and travel to the location from there. There are many locations from Canon City to Thornton to Cheyenne. You can reserve a time for when you want to review a used car and take it for a test drive.

You can experience many things within your vehicle during a test drive. You can see how well a vehicle operates and how its features work. But you must also review some points in your vehicle before making that final decision.

Check on a few things of note when figuring out if your used car of interest is worthwhile:

  • It should be easy to get in and out of the car in most cases. Any vehicles that are a struggle to enter and leave might not be the best choice.
  • The driver's seat should be easy to adjust. It must be comfortable for you to manage while driving.
  • Look at the driving position and see how well you can change it and how it adapts to your needs.
  • The vehicle should run well without producing any unusual sounds or odors.
  • Watch for any lights that come on. Any vehicles that have an active check engine light might be problematic.
  • See how well the brakes work. The brakes should be effective and should not produce any squeaking sounds.
  • Review the air conditioning system. It should produce cool or warm air, depending on the setting you use.
  • Check under the hood to see what the vehicle's engine and other features look like. There shouldn't be any leaks or other unusual things appearing around the vehicle. Anything that doesn't look well may be a cause for concern.

What Add-Ons Do You Need?

You might find some add-ons on the vehicle you wish to purchase. These can be enticing and may add value to your vehicle, but you might not always need all of them.

You'll find many add-ons for use, including:

  • Extended warranties
  • Protection packages, including third-party solutions for different features
  • New tires and other parts for your vehicle
  • Additional tinting
  • These extras are not always necessary for everyone. There is a chance you might not require an extended warranty. The financing department at the Dealin' Doug location can inform you about whatever extras are available and what they would cost to utilize. But you are under no obligation to use any of these additional features when purchasing your vehicle. Any of these additional features may not be necessary for your needs and budget.

    Check the Paperwork

    The paperwork necessary for managing a car purchase can be thorough and will include everything from your insurance to your warranty and anything else a dealer requires. The paperwork should include comprehensive terms on what you can utilize in your vehicle and what you expect to spend.

    Ask questions about your paperwork if you're uncertain. An employee will be happy to help you review those terms and give a better understanding of what you are being charged. You'll need these details to give yourself an extra idea of whatever works for your needs.

    Negotiation Points Can Help

    Negotiation is never a dirty word in the car sales world. It's something that can help if you know what you want to get out of your car and how you're going to communicate your ideas with someone.

    Proper negotiations can help to ensure you'll have more success in getting the deal you want on a vehicle. But you should avoid getting in too deep on what you are willing to accept, as you could end up asking for more than what a dealer is able to provide.

    There are several smart ideas worth noting if you want to get more from your deal:

    • Figure out the maximum amount of money you're willing to spend on your vehicle at the start.
    • Don't disclose that maximum amount during the negotiation process, as that might be a bad-faith argument for whatever you're interested in the most.
    • Look at the average price people pay for vehicles similar to what you are looking at. Aim to keep the negotiations down to that total if possible.
    • Don't hassle the other party into anything unnecessary. The other party is there to assist you in any way possible but cannot lose money in the process.

    Can You Use It for Years?

    The last point to see when buying a used car is to review whether you're able to drive your vehicle for the next couple of years. Most people who buy used cars plan on doing so for years to come. They want vehicles that can last for a while, and some are willing to drive their cars into the ground before buying something new. Having a car that can last for a while is useful for those who want something reliable without spending more than necessary.

    Review what you're getting from the used car while feeling comfortable it fits all of your needs. You must be ready to use your car well and to enjoy it for years to come. You'll feel comfortable with your used car if you use the right steps for finding something that fits your needs.