Sell My Car in Colorado or Cheyenne WY

Sell My Car or Truck

There is no better dealer in the Colorado or Cheyenne WY area to sell or trade in your old car. With our abundance of industry experience and current desire for increased inventory, Dealin Doug is able to give you a top dollar for your car.

We know that you have high expectations, and as leading Colorado and Cheyenne WY car dealers we enjoy the challenge of meeting and exceeding those standards each and every time. 

We Need Your Car!

It's no secret that production output from major automakers has hit an unprecedented low. Chip shortages alongside an all-time high demand for vehicles have left our inventory in drastic need of your car. If you're looking to sell your car at this year's highest value, please call us today. 

Primary or spare, old or new, Dealin Doug is ready to buy your car. If you've already been considering getting rid of it, there could not be a better time. Stop by any of Dealin Doug's dealerships and we promise to offer you a deal that you can't refuse.

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How to Sell Your Car in Colorado or Cheyenne, WY

Selling a car yourself can be seen as a daunting task. With limited guidance, it might feel overwhelming having to get together the proper paperwork and advertise your car effectively. Having to recondition and detail your car to make it stand out among the rest could also be a tough expense to swallow. Not to mention after all that effort, you might still have to deal with flaky potential buyers giving you the runaround and waste of time. 

Why not come to one of our dealerships and experience the luxury of an easier and stress-free alternative to trying to do it yourself? Not only is our experience better, but you could walk away with even more for your car!
Dealin Doug takes the hassle out of selling your car. Our requirements are minimal and easy to gather:

  • Bring Your Title. Also called the pink slip, this gives you the legal right to sell us your used car.
  • My Car Has A Loan. No worries, visit us today and we will contact your lender on your behalf. Getting out of a bad car loan has never been easier. 
  • Bring Yourself. Your driver's license and signature are all we need to write you a high-priced check for your vehicle. 

If you choose to sell us your car, you won't have to deal with any of the extensive paperwork or advertising management and costs associated with the typical car sale. Dealin Doug will do his best to get you the highest price for your car at a swift pace. 

To buy your car, all we need is your title and/or bill of sale. If you don't own your car outright, don't worry, we will talk you through the process of what to do next with your lender. After a quick inspection of your car, we will offer you a price we hope will exceed your satisfactory needs. If you don't like the offer that you received, no worries, you are not under any obligation to sell us your car. There is absolutely no risk or costs associated with coming into Dealin Doug today with an inquiry. 

Where Do I Sell My Car in Denver?

If you are in the Denver area, you have several options from within our auto group that will all look to exceed your expectations. While our Denver dealerships specialize in specific brands, it is important to note that you can bring any car into any of our dealers. Don't be scared to bring in a Honda to a Mitsubishi or Kia dealership, we are always looking for used cars, regardless of brand.

Below you will find some of our Denver dealerships that you can stop by for a quick and high offer on your car:
5600 S Broadway
Littleton, CO 80121-8005
Sales: (804) 396-7194
Service: (844) 266-8675
Parts: (844) 266-8691

9701 E Arapahoe Rd.
Centennial, CO 80112
Sales: (888) 236-7975
Service: (888) 852-0580
Parts: (888) 803-0688

1950 W 104th Avenue
Thornton, CO 80234
Sales: (877) 708-9605  
Service: (888) 563-0559  
Parts: (888) 547-6516

2040 W. 104th Avenue
Thornton, CO 80234
Sales: (877) 365-2554
Service: (877) 466-6011
Parts: (877) 466-0383

Where Can I Sell My Car in Colorado Springs?

For those in the Colorado Springs area, you also have a few different choices of dealerships. Just as with the Denver dealerships, Dealin Doug is looking to buy cars from every make and model.

Below you will find some of our dealerships located in the Colorado Springs area:
7455 Austin Bluffs Pkwy
Colorado Springs, CO 80923
Sales: (844) 301-3646 
Service: (877) 885-8607 
Parts: (844) 267-2481

655 Automotive Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80905
Sales: (888) 571-0695 
Service: (888) 472-4405 
Parts: (866) 979-1383

3151 E Hwy 50
Canon City, CO 81212
Sales: (844) 429-4575
Service: (719) 345-2987
Parts: (719) 315-5906

5120 New Car Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80923
Sales: (888) 277-5612
Service: (888) 279-9545
Parts: (888) 281-0205

Where can I sell my car in Fort Collins

If you are in the Fort Collins area, you can stop by Dealin' Doug's Fort Collins dealership to receive top dollar for your car or truck regardless if you buy a vehicle from us or owe money on your vehicle presently

Here is the contact information for our dealership located in the Fort Collins area:
3835 S College Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80525-3013
Sales: (970) 541-9989  
Service: (970) 658-5109  
Parts: (970) 658-5160  
Fleet Sales: (970) 229-2656 
Tire & Express Lane: (970) 237-6494
224 W. Harmony Rd.
Fort Collins, CO 80525-3013
Sales: (970) 541-9989  
Service: (970) 632-9780  
Parts: (970) 632-9790  
Tire & Express Lane: (970) 237-6494

Where can I sell my car in Cheyenne WY

If you are in the Cheyenne, WY area, you can stop by Dealin' Doug's Cheyenne, WY dealership Cowboy Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM. As always you can receive top dollar for your vehicle whether you buy a car or truck from us or not.

Here is the contact information for our dealership located in the Cheyenne, WY area:

1121 E Lincoln Way
Cheyenne, WY 82001-4812
Sales: (307) 222-4391
Service: (307) 274-3503
PARTS: (307) 274-8853

Can I Trade-In My Car Instead?

If you don't want to wait to replace the car you just sold, why not save some time and walk out the door with a brand new replacement vehicle? With our wide selection of available inventory, we are sure that our knowledgeable and enthusiastic sales staff can find the best new car for you today. With cars currently flying off the lots at record speeds, it's good to jump on a good deal as soon as possible. Dealin Doug offers the best and lowest-priced cars for sale from Cheyenne to Canon City. 

Appling the value of your trade-in vehicle towards a new or new used car will directly save you money. In Colorado, the taxes already paid on your trade-in will subtract from the taxes owed on your new vehicle purchase. 

If you are considering replacing your old car with a new car, don't hesitate to inquire about trading in today. Visiting any Dealin Doug dealership gains you access to wide selections and extravagant deals.


Allow us to demonstrate our commitment to excellence during your trade-in! Our experienced sales staff is eager to share its knowledge and help you get the best deal on the market. As the leading Denver dealerships, Dealin Doug offers exclusive and flexible financing options. 

Going through the process shouldn't have to be stressful, whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit, our lengthy industry relationships alongside our exceptional experience can get anyone approved with favorable terms. A new car on a low-interest term is just a meeting away. 

Questions about financing? Click here.
Whether you just want to sell your car outright or are looking to replace it with a different model, Dealin Doug is the place to visit. We look forward to seeing you at any of our numerous dealerships in the area!
  1. Dealin Doug Dealerships

    1950 W 104th Ave
    Denver, CO 80234

  2. Arapahoe Kia

    9400 East Arapahoe
    Greenwood, CO 80112

    • Sales: (303) 874-2500
  3. Arapahoe Kia

    9701 E Arapahoe Rd.
    Centennial, CO 80112

    • Sales: 855-650-3282
  4. Cowboy Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

    1121 E Lincolnway
    Cheyenne, WY 82001-4812

    • Sales: (307) 274-8981
  5. Fort Collins Dodge Chrysler Ram

    3835 S College Ave
    Fort Collins, CO 80525-3013

    • Sales: 9702860571
  6. Fort Collins Jeep

    3835 S College Ave
    Fort Collins, CO 80525-3013

    • Sales: 970-541-9989
  7. Grand Kia

    1950 W 104th Avenue
    Thornton, CO 80234

    • Sales: (303) 301-2860
  8. Pikes Peak Acura Used Cars

    103 E MOTOR WAY

    • Sales: 7199551777

    2040 W. 104TH AVE.
    THORNTON, CO 80234

    • Sales: (303) 465-5512
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