GMC Sierra 1500 Review Denver Thornton

Reprogrammed in 2014, the current model of the GMC Sierra packs a solid punch, is stronger and more reliable than before. The people working on the new GMC Sierra 1500 have come up with a revised suspension and is smoother and handier than ever before. The revised edition of the pickup truck has come up with specific safety features and the forward hinged doors play a vital role in enhancing the safety. 

The GMC Sierra 1500 comes in various designs and you can opt for a full length pickup cab or a regular cab as well as different styles with various bed lengths. The latest pickup truck comes up with two and four wheel drives and you can have the added advantage with refinement as well as powerful performance. The GMC Sierra is proving to be mold breaker and is being preferred by a large number of businessmen for business transport as well as for family transport. The vehicle from General Motors is getting quite popular, here are some of the most amazing features that make it more robust and reliable than even before -

Solid and compact engine on the GMC Sierra 1500

 The latest model is packed with a solid engine performance and gives you the right power to satiate your need for transportation of bulk freights. The engine comes with flex fuel capability and gives you the power that the old version did not have. The 420 hp with 6.2 liter proves quite solid and gives you a power pact performance. The pickup truck is getting clear favoritism among its peers and is proving quite competitive in its market segment and is heating up the completion.

The various GMC Sierra 1500 Review by tech experts have only good things to highlight about the engine and its capacity and the flex fuel technology has its own merits. The engine capacity has improved for better and provides a more powerful driving experience than ever before.

Driving and handling of the GMC Sierra 1500

 The driving of the new Sierra has improved more than before and you can have accurate steering and handling through electric controls. The brake pedal is firmer and more modulated than ever before and provides you excellent ride control as well as driving performance. 

The electric power steering is easily controlled, with cruise control, prove quite exciting and help you have the best driving experience. The pickup model is selling like a hot cake in Denver and is proving a trail breaking model in its engine segment. The selling figure is expected to be even better in the future.

The power and capacity of the GMC Sierra 1500

 With a base engine of 4.3 Liters and with 285hp @5300 rpm the performance of the pickup is second to none and provides you with excitement. The torque capacity is 305 ft-lbs @3900 rpm provides the V6 excellent power and gives you the power packed performance on road as well as off road.

With front independent suspension and stabilizer bar, the Sierra 1500 provides extreme flexibility and drive control to give you comfort during bumpy rides. The overhead valve engine plays its role to perfection and packs a powerful performance, making the model a success among its counterparts.

Safety and additional features of the GMC Sierra 1500

 When it comes to safety, GMC has seemed to work a lot harder this time and has come up with better security features. With features like lane assist mechanism, safety alert for drivers and automatic beams the vehicle is safer and more secure than ever before and gives you value for your money. The buyers in Thornton are receiving the new additions to safety with open arms and are looking to replace their old Sierra with new one.

The GMC Sierra 1500 provides sitting space for 3 people along with driver and comes with better leg space and specifications than ever before. The headlights and front grills are sharper than ever before and provide the vehicle a tough but elegant look.

The reviews are pretty positive and the word of mouth from experts is encouraging. The pickup is perhaps the best model in its segment and gives you great value for the money. The model is an improved version of the much liked previous version and has all bases covered for providing a more superior performance, better safety and load hauling, to garner even more adoring fans.

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