GMC Canyon Review Denver Thornton

The latest version of the GMC Canyon is one of the best compact pickup trucks available these days. If you review this pickup truck on the basis of the data and reviews of the critics you will find that the turbo diesel engines used in them are powerful and fuel efficient. The GMC Canyon review provided hereunder will help the people residing in Denver, Thornton and adjoining areas to know more about this pickup truck. 

Overview of the GMC Canyon

Basically GMC Canyon is a middle class pickup truck as its starting price is about $22,000 and the price of its top model is nearly $32,500, which is still less than the price of top models of the pickup trucks of rival brands. The features provided inside its cabin are made of quality materials and its technical features are easily usable. GMC has supported it with limited period warranty for three years to ensure its quality.

Performance of the GMC Canyon

The base model of the Canyon pickup truck is provided with a four cylinder engine to produce good power to serve the purpose for which it has been produced. This compact pickup gets good fuel efficiency with its four cylinder engine as it can give 19 mpg mileage in city and 26 mpg on highways. It is better mileage than the mileage provided in the Frontier of Nissan and Tacoma of Toyota. 

GMC also provides another option, in a V6 engine which can be used if you wish for some extra power for your pickup truck. It will not only improve the acceleration of your vehicle but also give it a strong feel. Its fuel efficiency will also be as efficient as that of the four cylinder engine, with 18/26 mpg in city/highway.

You can also opt for the new turbodiesel four-cylinder engine, if you wish to improve the towing capability and fuel efficiency for your pickup truck. In city it will give you 22 mpg and on highway 31 mpg which is the best in the vehicles of its class. You can also use its crew cab model to get the best seating and interior room options out of your GMC Canyon.

In its standard models, GMC is providing a six speed manual transmission with their four-cylinder engines but you can also opt for a six speed automatic transmission if you wish. GMC only offers an automatic transmission with trucks having the turbodiesel and V6 engines. Automatic transmissions improve the performance of the vehicle while climbing or towing on hills by holding gears competently.

Strong brakes to ensure smooth rides on the GMC Canyon

High maneuverability of Canyon is also an appreciable feature of this pickup truck which can help in controlling it at sharp curves. Its sturdy brakes can also be pushed down to control the vehicle quickly at the time of an emergency. Though Canyon is provided with four-wheel drive-train, you can also opt for all-wheel train to improve its versatility with a locking rear differential and off-road suspension.

Towing power of the GMC Canyon

The towing capacity of Canyon is highest in its class. The maximum towing power of Canyon is 7,700 pounds when it is equipped with available trailering packages and the turbodiesel engine. With 1,620 pounds, its maximum payload is also excellent in its class when it is equipped with the v6 engine for this purpose.

Interior of the GMC Canyon

The Canyon is provided with 6' 2" cargo bed regardless of the cab configuration you have selected, except the crew cab model which has a 5' 2" bed. Its bed, with EZ Lift-and-Lower tailgate, is deeper than its rivals. Its bed can also be used for loading two types of cargos in two tiers.

The cabin of the Canyon is also made functional by using quality materials to make it the best in its class. In the standard model there is four seat cabin and in crew cab there are five seats. But front seats in both the models are supportive for longer drives.

Its cabin is also provided with various user friendly infotainment equipment like a 4.2 inch audio system display screen, a 6 speaker audio system along with an efficient USB port to charge your smartphone or connect music device.

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