2017 Dodge Challenger Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs

Are you all planning to leave other cars in a thick white cloud of smoke and cruise your way through highways of Denver, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs? The all-new 2017 Dodge Challenger comes with a promise to fulfill all your dreams and desires that come with a muscle car. The new upgrades come in the form of more defined exteriors and a powerful Hemi, V8 engine to make it more comfortable and powerful than all other muscle cars present in today's market. The new Challenger comes with raw power and is highly appreciated for its luxurious interior and practicality, making it the top choice of buyers. Let us take a closer look at all the features and in depth details of this muscle car.

The Amazing Interior of the 2017 Dodge Challenger

Unlike other muscle cars, the new 2017 Dodge Challenger comes with a spacious cabin and luxurious interior with seating for four. The design of  the car is focused on making it a lively everyday vehicle, with a rigid, aggressive body. The dashboard is kept clean with control features, like automatic one touch buttons for windows, doors and temperature, while the central panel comes with an eight inch infotainment screen providing the driver with better navigation options. All variants come with premium quality leather seats paired with extra cushion support for first row passengers. The head and leg room for second row passengers is decent as compared to other cars in the same segment. Overall, the interior of the car is designed keeping in mind the comfort and safety of all passengers making it one of the best coupes present in the market.

  The Aggressive Exterior of the 2017 Dodge Challenger

When it comes to exterior design, no one does it better than the 2017 Dodge Challenger. The new lightly tinted glass, the shiny chrome grill and an elevated body color bumper give it an aggressive, heritage look of a muscle car. All variants come with 20 inch aluminum alloys for better grip and control. The doors are provided with chrome accents with a wide range of options for customizing wheels, engine and side panels. All in all, the exterior of the new 2017 Dodge Challenger is refined, aggressive and well balanced making it the perfect coupe for all your needs.

Performance Flourishes in the 2017 Dodge Challenger

The all-new 2017 Dodge Challenger is loaded with power and performance to live up to the tag of a muscle car. The upgraded 3.6 liter V6 engine  in the standard variant and the Hemi V8, 6.4 liter engine in the premium version, makes it one of the most powerful coupes in the market. The engine is capable of generating 485 hp and 475 lb ft of torque and is paired with either a six speed manual transmission or an 8 speed automatic transmission. The new engine cooling technology has increased the fuel efficiency by 15% resulting in an average fuel economy of 23 mpg on highways and 20 mpg in city roads. Overall, you will love the power and adrenaline rush that comes with the all-new 2017 Dodge Challenger.

There's no shortage of Technology in the 2017 Dodge Challenger

The 2017 Dodge Challenger comes with world class technology and modern high end features for enhancing the driving experience for all. The OnStar technology combined with an eight inch infotainment system helps in better navigating options and provides you with real time, on road assistance in case of emergencies. The new cruise control system and traction control helps with better stability at high speeds.

Safety Abounds in the 2017 Dodge Challenger

The National Highway Safety Authority gave a perfect five star rating to the 2017 Dodge Challenger, making it the most reliable and safe muscle  car on the market. It managed to score high in various crash tests, all thanks to the wide range of modern safety features and premium quality materials used for manufacturing the car. The central cabin is provided with a six way airbag system to ensure safety of all passengers and to minimize the side impact during a crash. The other features include anti-lock brakes, dual rear view cameras, lane monitoring alert, automatically adjusting headlamps and collision alerts in real time.

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