2018 Buick Encore Review Denver Thornton

2018 Buick Encore Review

Drivers in Denver and Thornton are often looking for quality subcompact SUVs that are strong and yet not too intense for many necessary needs. The Buick Encore is one particular SUV to look at. The 2018 edition of this vehicle is a good one to see when finding an attractive SUV that comes with a good body and numerous useful features.

The Classy Exterior of the 2018 Buick Encore

 Anyone who sees the 2018 Buick Encore on the street will immediately notice the nice wing patterns on the sides. These move in a horizontal layout to create a nice style all the way through.

The 18-inch wheels are striking on all models. Gray pockets can be added to the aluminum body if desired to add a more unique appearance.

The rear wing spoiler also adds a nice style. The fog lamps on the front are also useful for producing a nice appearance that is makes it easy to see the road, even in adverse weather.

 The Stylish and Sporty Interior of the 2018 Buick Encore

The cabin is wide open inside the Encore. The Quiet Tuning system keeps the inside quiet with triple door seals plus suspension tuning to produce a comfortable ride that also absorbs shocks and other actions that come about while driving.

The climate control setup in the interior offers a simple control that is easy to manage. An ionizer can be included in the vehicle as an option to add a special layout for managing a comfortable ride with clean air.

The leather seating option adds a comfortable texture. The front seats can even come with heating features if desired, thus adding a bit of extra comfort to the ride.

Performance Thrives in the 2018 Buick Encore

The 1.4L turbocharged engine works quickly although it does come with an optional direct fuel injection system to add to its  efficiency. This allows the user to enjoy the ride and keep the vehicle well on the road with a strong grip all the way through. This works with a rear wheel drive layout although an all-wheel drive option is available on select trims.

The StabiliTrak performance feature adds force onto the brakes when it sees the wheels moving in a different direction from where the user wants them to go into. This creates a good layout for controlling the vehicle that is simple and effective.

Technology Features Abound in the 2018 Buick Encore

 The touchscreen feature on the middle part of the vehicle adds a good arrangement for handling different controls inside the vehicle. This can link to many mobile devices. A 4G Wi-Fi hotspot can also be included on select models to add to the overall efficiency and connectivity of the vehicle.

A navigation system can also be included on the inside. This feature offers a convenient and useful setup for finding one's directions. It is simple with a clear layout and an option that lets the user save routes and destinations that one regularly travels to. The simple design of the setup prepares a strong design that is convenient and helpful for all to use.

Safety Knows no Bounds in the 2018 Buick Encore

The sensors around the Encore add an outstanding look that produces a clearly visible and useful arrangement for finding items in an area. This gives alerts for what is in one's blind spots and also warns the driver when trying to shift lanes when there is no space available at a given time.

The forward collision alert feature also adds a layout where the user can identify cases where the driver is too close to something up front. This informs the driver to slow down the vehicle in the event of any concerns. This is useful when driving in tight urban situations when it might be difficult to predict what is happening when driving behind someone.

This all works with a convenient rear view camera. The camera identifies what is happening in a local area and informs the user of anything that might be not too far from the rear of the vehicle. This even uses guidelines for informing the driver on when some kind of obstacle or other obstruction might be in the way at the back part of the vehicle.

This should make for a very useful vehicle for anyone who wants to get the most out of a quality SUV without paying too much for it. The features and stylings that come with it especially make for a choice that is outstanding and useful for many driving demands.


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