Best Off-Road Trails Near Denver

The mountains west of Denver are home to some great sites for a weekend getaway. Anyone looking to escape the bustle and stress of the city will find many off-road trails worth exploring. The best part of finding off-road trails near Denver is that you don't have to travel all that far to reach something exciting. You've got many choices to explore when looking at the best off-road trails near Denver.

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Pike National Forest Trails


Slaughterhouse Gulch is in Pike National Forest and is not far from the town of Bailey. The path features many narrow runways with beautiful tall trees all around. What makes Slaughterhouse Gulch popular is that it is lower in elevation than most other off-road trails. The low elevation makes it accessible throughout the year.


Another path in the Pike National Forest, Rampart Range features more than thirty miles of pathways to explore. You can see picturesque views of many scenes from around the area at Rampart Range, including scenes of Pike's Peak and the Air Force Academy.

Weston PassTrail

You can visit the Weston Pass Trail, a spot that is a little far off from Leadville. You will see the sights of the Pike National Forest Mountains near the Weston Pass Trail. You can find a few remnants of some gold mining spots while in the area.

The Weston Pass Trail features separate trails on the east and west ends. The east trail is for beginners and features a few smooth spaces for driving. The west trail is for high-clearance vehicles and will require extra effort to make everything work.

Off-Road Trails Near Denver

BaldMountain Gulch

The Bald Mountain Gulch features nine miles of mud and dirt path for four-wheel-drive vehicles. You will see the Collegiate Peaks near the area, plus there are a few open spots for fishing around the area. The gulch is in the Fourmile region near Johnson Village.


The Stillwater Pass path is close to fifty miles long and goes through the Grand Lake area. It offers a few sites for camping and fishing. It has different paths for beginners and off-roading veterans to make it a thrill worth visiting.


The Switzerland Trail is a little closer to the Boulder area, but it is a worthwhile spot for people in Denver to explore. The trail is on a former Western Railway route. It features a few mining ruins, with some ghost towns that were abandoned after the mines were all tapped out. You will find many great scenes around the trail, although this route is best for those who have high-clearance vehicles.

Trails For Every Skill Level

AlpineTunnel East

The Alpine Tunnel East route is in the San Isabel National Forest. It features many old railroad sites from the early-twentieth-century. You will also go by the ghost town of Romley while on the trail. The town is one of the area's many old mining towns. You can see a few log foundations of some former properties in the area.

Bassam Park

Another path near the San Isabel Forest, the Bassam Park Trail features about eight miles of roads. It has high buttes and various volcanic stone formations. You can even find a few dirt roads that are suitable for traditional passenger vehicles, although the space has more spots for off-road vehicles. You can see the Arkansas River Basin when looking at what's in the area.

Black BearPass

The Black Bear Pass was started as a road that links to a mine. The ten-mile path has since been reconfigured as an off-roading path. It is one of the most challenging paths around, but it is worthwhile for anyone looking for something a little more thrilling when driving in the state.

Bill MooreLake

The last of the best off-road paths to visit near Denver is the path at the Bill Moore Lake in the Arapahoe National Forest. The area features a six-mile path that features an extended wooded area and other features. The path is also near the town of Empire, which features the original Hard Rock Café. Although it is not affiliated with the Hard Rock Cafes you might find throughout the world, it is the original location offering many American classics for breakfast and lunch.