Best Off Road Trails Near Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is near some of the most exciting off-road trails you'll find in the Centennial State of Colorado. It is no surprise that the area is home to many great trails, as it is near the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains. With the area being near Pike's Peak and the Cheyenne and Almagre Mountains, you will find many off-road trails to explore.

Since Colorado Springs is high up in elevation, you might need to ensure your off-road vehicle is capable of handling some of these challenging off-road trails. You might also need to see when these trails are open, as they might be closed at certain points in the year for safety reasons. But whatever you find around Colorado Springs will be a thrill worth exploring. Let's take a look at some of the trails worth exploring while you're in the Colorado Springs area.

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Pike National Forest

RampartRange Road

The Rampart Range Road in Pike National Forest will bring you up to nearly 10,000 feet above sea level. It starts in the south in Manitou Springs and goes north to Woodland Park. The drive is available in the spring and summer and parts of the fall. It is closed during the winter season for safety purposes. The road is also suitable for off-road drivers of all skill levels, although you should be prepared for the elevation gain of close to 4,000 feet as you travel along the path.

You can even cut down a Christmas tree while on the Rampart Range Road trail during the fall season. You'll need a permit to cut down a single tree first, although it costs only $10 to acquire an annual permit.

Mount Baldy

The trail at Mount Baldy in the Pike National Forest is about six miles long, but it brings you to some of the most peaceful scenes in the forest. The path brings you about 11,000 feet above sea level. The beautiful scenes of the mountains and plains make the Mount Baldy trail one of the most popular ones to visit while in Colorado Springs.

Saran Wrap

The last path to explore is the Saran Wrap trail in the Pike National Forest. The trail is short, but it can take a couple of hours to traverse due to some of the challenging turns and twists around the area. But the excitement of the path makes it worthwhile, as it features some distinct scenic views. There's even a picnic area at the top end of the path's junction.

Gold Camp Road

Gold CampRoad

The Gold Camp Road at Bear Creek Regional Park is a loop that covers fourteen miles and has an elevation gain of about 2,000 feet. The road features many wildflowers that grow throughout the season.

The trail is open in the spring and summer seasons. There are a few narrow spots around the trail, so be careful when navigating this space.

Lower GoldCamp Road

The Lower Gold Camp Road moves a little further down south from the main Gold Camp Road. The Lower Gold Camp Road is noteworthy for being near an old railway station and rail track. You'll also find the Helen Hunt Falls near the southern trailhead. The waterfall is 36 feet in height and features a small bridge that frames the area well. If you look closely at the image the main fall forms the image of a woman in a long dress with a scarf wrapped around her face, similar to 1800 s style dress

Off-Road Adventures Near Colorado Springs

Grand MesaTrails

The Grand Mesa Trails feature about 150 miles of off-road paths. You can find these trails in the Grand Mesa National Forest. There are a few camping sites available in the area, so bring your gear with you if you want to enjoy an evening you'll never forget out here.

Old StageRoad

You will find Old Stage Road near the Cheyenne Mountain range southwest of Colorado Springs. The road is about 26 miles long and is very steep, but it is easy to traverse if you have a four-wheel-drive vehicle. You can see distinct views of everything in the area, including some shots of the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station to the southeast.

Mount Rosa

Mount Rosa features different tracks for newcomers and veterans in the off-roading world. The Wye trails at Mount Rosa are popular among experienced drivers for how they include a few offshoots that offer distinct views of the Colorado Springs area.