2019 Dodge Grand Canavan Review

Families from Denver to Canon City are often looking for minivans that can transport everyone and all their things quite well. It is not always easy to find such a great minivan, but Dodge has produced one particular choice that makes transporting families a little easier to work with. This vehicle is the 019 Dodge Grand Caravan, and it is one of the top choices to find in today's minivan world.

2019 Dodge Grand Canavan Exterior

The power-sliding side doors and optional power liftgate make it easy for anyone to get the Grand Caravan open and ready for use. This simplifies the ability to get the car open and closed right.

The four halogen headlamps add a good surface for lighting needs. The LED tail lamps are also appealing for adding a nice layout.
The deep-tinted glass on the outside also keeps intense light rays from getting into the vehicle. This will keep everyone on the inside a little more comfortable without being irritated by anything intense or rough.

2019 Dodge Grand Canavan Interior

The inside of the Grand Caravan offers seating for up to seven people. This includes bucket seats on the front and middle rows.
The Super Stow 'n Go seating setup provides the user with the ability to fold down the second and third rows in a few moments for cases where added storage space is needed. The vehicle can handle up to 140 cubic feet of storage space. An added 12 cubic feet can be included with the optional in-floor bins around the middle part of the vehicle.

2019 Dodge Grand Canavan Performance

The 2019 Grand Caravan will feature a 3.6L V6 engine at 283 hp. This works alongside a six-speed automatic transmission for quick transport.
The vehicle has a maximum towing capacity of 1,500 pounds. A trailer sway control feature will identify how anything being towed is moved forward to ensure the trailer on the back area will not shift or shake.

2019 Dodge Grand Canavan Features

The observation mirror near the driver's seat provides the driver with a full review of the second and third rows alike. The positioning is organized to ensure the driver can see everything without trying to position one's body to see things well enough.

A three-zone temperature control feature is a popular point of the Grand Caravan for drivers in Denver and Colorado Springs to use. This uses separate controls for the driver, front passenger, and rear areas. The automatic control will sense the temperature in the area and adjust the heating or cooling accordingly to produce a comfortable space that all will enjoy relaxing in.

The 6.5-inch touchscreen display at the front adds a convenient design for adjusting features inside of the vehicle. The driver can also use an optional navigation system while in the vehicle. 

2019 Dodge Grand Canavan Safety

The ParkView rear backing camera provides a wide-angle view of everything behind the driver while backing up. This helps produce a series of guidelines for the driver to use when moving backward and getting ready to park. This also helps with identifying anything that is near the vehicle while backing up.

Seven multistage airbags can be found around the vehicle. The airbags work alongside crumple zones and a sturdy steel frame that takes in pressure during impact, thus keeping the energy produced in an impact from spreading into the cabin.

The all-speed traction control system also identifies how power moves about on the wheels. The setup will adjust the power being handled and will start to add braking pressure on wheels that are slipping. The key here is to keep the vehicle on the road and to prevent slippage or other concerns during some of the toughest drives that one might enter into.

The electronic stability control feature also identifies how the vehicle moves along the road. This feature adds brake pressure onto alternating wheels and can control the engine throttle when the vehicle is unstable, thus restoring the car's ability to stay on the road.

2019 Dodge Grand Canavan Summary

The 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan is a great choice for people looking for an effective minivan in Denver or Littleton. The vehicle has a great body that is comfortable and provides all with a unique riding experience all the way through. The great design of the vehicle and the safety points all around make it a must for drivers around the Denver area to see.