2019 Dodge Challenger Review Denver Littleton Fort Collins Colorado Springs Canon City

The Dodge Challenger has impressed people around Denver and Colorado Springs for being a strong muscle car. The 2019 edition of the Challenger will be no exception to this. This is an exciting vehicle that is appealing and adds a good surface for anyone to enjoy riding along in.

2019 Dodge Challenger Exterior

The 17-inch aluminum wheels add a nice tone to the vehicle, although a 20-inch option can also be utilized. The vehicle's wheels can be prepared quite well to help anyone to move forward and get the most out of one's drive.

The spoiler on the back end helps to move air along the Challenger well so the vehicle will not create lots of drag. The vents at the front and the hard-line body create a sporty style that anyone in Denver or Colorado Springs will come along.

Hot air extractors can be easily noticed around the outside part. These are designed to help move the heat from the engine out quite well. This allows the vehicle to stay active and to keep overheating from being a threat.

2019 Dodge Challenger Interior

The inside part of the vehicle comes with the driver's choice of a premium cloth fabric or a perforated leather seat. The bucket seats are very comfortable while the power driver seat adds a comfortable space. The lumbar feature even offers an adjustable feature that is easy to use.
The inside comes with plenty of steering wheel control features for managing more points around the vehicle. 

2019 Dodge Challenger Performance

The V6 engine on the 2019 Challenger is a popular part of the vehicle to see. This works with an eight-speed automatic transmission.
An optional HEMI 6.2L V8 engine can also be ordered. The engine works with a speed limiter at 203 mph. The vehicle has a 0-60 measure of 3.4 seconds as the engine keeps working. Much of this is thanks to the supercharger feature on the inside of the Challenger engine. This point makes for one of the strongest vehicles for people around Canon City and Littleton to check out.

The four-wheel disc brakes and ABS setup are all useful. These add an outstanding style for ensuring it is easy to move forward.
Paddle shifters can be found on the steering wheel for easy control over the gears. The feature is designed for those who want to get a little extra control over how well the transmission works.

2019 Dodge Challenger Features

The modern style inside the Challenger makes it a popular vehicle for drivers around Littleton and Canon City to check out. The Challenger offers a touchscreen control feature on the front part to help with adjusting the controls and features on the inside. The customization points around the vehicle add a nice touch as well. The design offers a full layout that includes stats on the user's drive through the Performance Pages report.
The added Alpine speakers inside the vehicle add an outstanding surface. The car also offers a dual zone climate system that keeps everyone on the inside comfortable and relaxed all the way through.

2019 Dodge Challenger Safety

Many of the available safety features are designed to help people prepare for things that are all around the road. The vehicle offers a blind spot monitoring feature, an adaptive cruise control setup, and a forward collision warning setup.
The high-quality steel body of this vehicle adds a nice touch. The airbags around the inside are also useful for keeping things active.
Electronic Stability Control is also included to sense how the wheels are gripping on the road. The ESC feature reviews the speed of each wheel and adjusts them to ensure they will not slip or wear out quickly. The feature adds a better sense of control that ensures the vehicle will stay on the road and not be at risk of slipping off the road or wearing out prematurely. A hill start assist feature is also included.

2019 Dodge Challenger Summary

The 2019 Dodge Challenger adds an outstanding style for everyone to check out. See what makes this vehicle a popular choice for your use when finding something that adds an outstanding body for your use. The vehicle not only has a sporty look and powerful engine but plenty of control and safety points for all people to use.