2019 Challenger SXT AWD

The Dodge Challenger is a thrilling pony car that focuses on performance. The 2019 Challenger SXT AWD is one of the top models to watch in Colorado.

The Challenger is a top choice among sporty vehicles. The vehicle's move into the AWD world has made it all the more enticing for Denver and Littleton. Drivers will find the Challenger to be easy to control, not to mention there are many powerful layouts. The safety features make it easy for the driver to keep the vehicle in control while on the road Canon City or Fort Collins. Check out the 2019 Dodge Challenger SXT AWD inventory here!


The most noteworthy part of the 2019 Challenger SXT AWD is that it offers an all-wheel-drive system. It used to be that the  GT model was the only one in the line with an AWD option, but all cars can use it today. The AWD layout adds further traction and control support for the best rides in Colorado Springs.

The 2019 Challenger SXT AWD offers a 3.6L V6 engine. The Pentastar engine has 305 hp and high-flow intake and exhaust ports. The Variable Valve Timing feature alternates the timing of its valve lifts and boosts the general fuel economy. The engine gets about 27 mpg highway.

The engine operates on an eight-speed automatic transmission. Select Challenger models come with an option to shift your transmission into manual mode.

A heavy-duty engine cooling system allows excess heat to move out. The system prevents the engine from overheating.

Other performance-related features to note include power steering and engine oil cooler. An engine block heater is optional. The suspension features a rear stabilizer bar.

18-inch carbon aluminum wheels work on the Challenger. 20-inch wheels are available as an option.


 The inside features a 60/40 rear folding seat and a six-way power driver adjustable seat with a four-way lumbar adjustment setup. Premium cloth materials work throughout the entire cabin, although Nappa leather sport seats are available as an option. The inside can fit up to five people.

A seven-inch touchscreen display is in the central dashboard. The screen allows the driver to control the features inside the vehicle. An optional navigation system can work on the display if desired. A 12-volt center console outlet works for those who have outside navigation devices. The port is also suitable for other items one wishes to power up while driving.

A Wi-Fi hotspot can work inside the Challenger. The Wi-Fi connection is ideal for carpooling in Denver or Colorado Springs. The vehicle also has a media hub with two USB ports and an Aux port.

There's also a GPS antenna input inside the Challenger. The input produces a clear signal from inside the vehicle. The design ensures people can identify where they are, but it can also work when keeping tabs on where a driver has gone.

The climate control system includes a dual-zone AC setup. Heated front seats are available as an option.

The rear trunk features 16.2 cubic feet of room. The total is enough for most forms of luggage and whatever else the people in the vehicle want to tote with them. The passenger volume on the inside is about 93.9 cubic feet, so there should be enough room for everyone.


The four-wheel disc braking system provides striking performance. The 12.6-inch vented rotors on both ends promote added stopping power.

A brake assist feature also appears on the Challenger SXT AWD. The assistance applies added brake pressure to ensure the  vehicle stops in the shorter possible distance.

The multistage airbags in the front area will identify how severe an impact is and deploy as necessary. The intensity of the airbag deployment varies based on how severe the crash is.

The traction control system identifies when wheels slip and will apply brake pressure on the wheels to move torque to the wheels with the most traction. The system works alongside the AWD system to ensure the vehicle remains easy to control.

The outside lights provide enough illumination to ensure the driver remains safe when driving in Fort Collins or Canon City. Automatic projector headlamps ensure the driver stays aware of what is on the road. Projector headlamps also creates a more direct look at what's in front. The design ensures the driver will stay on the road and see what's around in any weather condition.


 The 2019 Dodge Challenger SXT AWD brings the excitement of a sports car to the road. The vehicle provides a powerful engine and many features that make the drive all the more entertaining. The AWD system ensures more control over the road in Denver or Littleton. Drivers will appreciate how the Challenger performs and what makes it outstanding for use in Colorado.

Check out the 2019 Dodge Challenger SXT AWD inventory here!